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The best canadian video agency for audio-visual content creators since 2008 .

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It’s time to unlock the full potential of your video library and Failsworld Media is here to help. If you have a funny or cute video, submit it to Failsworld and we’ll monetize your content with news networks, television programs, and websites across the globe.

Viral Video Strategy

With Failsworld we try to make your videos go viral by making a successful viral video marketing campaigns. We have the best tools to make it.The more popular your video are the more money you will make.

Copyright Protection

A viral video can be copied and you can lose money but with Failsworld Media we’ll make sure all those copycats out there don’t steal credit and money for your work. We have all the tools needed to protect your copyright.

Video Library

Failsworld media provides a growing archive of some of the most funny and cutest videos from around the world. The footage on our platform is shot by our growing network of amateur.

All content can be downloaded in original format from the Failsworld site in seconds.


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